Malvern High School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Malvern High School - Malvern, AR

The comprehensive health and wellness program Malvern High School implemented as part of the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program is having big results: The school has seen a two percent decrease in its student obesity rate. To accomplish this, the school began providing professional development on nutrition and wellness, administered mandatory FITNESSGRAM® assessments in all health classes, hosted a walk across Hot Spring County and formed a walking club for students. The school began offering a salad bar and fresh fruit daily for all students, and encouraged students to enjoy their meals on campus. Staff members jumped on the wellness wagon, with many participating in the school’s fitness competition. Malvern High School also holds a weekly Zumba class and only provides fruit and other healthy snacks in the teachers’ lounge. “The Alliance’s Product Calculator for Smart Snacks helped us to ensure all of our fundraising items were in compliance with the USDA standards,” student Matthew Keenan said. According to Keenan, getting student and parents involved helped make all the healthy changes possible. “This is super easy to do. Many parents are willing to help; they’re just waiting to be asked,” Keenan said.