Marjorie Rawlings Elementary School Earns Bronze by Creating a Healthier Environment

Marjorie Rawlings Elementary School - Pinellas Park, FL

The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program helps schools improve access to healthier foods; increase physical activity opportunities before, during and after the school day; enhance nutrition education; and establish staff wellness programs to build a healthier school environment. The Healthy Schools Program recognizes schools that succeed in addressing these areas at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level. Marjorie Rawlings Elementary School in Pinellas Park, FL received the National Healthy Schools Bronze Award in 2014.

Wellness team lead Michelle Wiszowaty sees a big difference in the attitudes towards wellness at her school since joining the Healthy Schools Program (HSP). “The HSP helped build morale at our school and give everyone involved motivation and encouragement,” she said. Staff at Marjorie Rawlings Elementary have increased the amount of time students have to be physically active by adding extra recess for good behavior and encouraging students to bike or walk to school. “Students and staff have a better understanding of what it means to be healthy and fit,” Wiszowaty said. “They also understand how important it is to make those healthy choices when choosing the foods they eat.” Students choose from an unlimited array of fruits and vegetables at lunch, with volunteers on hand to ensure healthy food is not wasted.