Oaklawn Language Academy Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Oaklawn Language Academy - Charlotte, NC

Both students and staff at Oaklawn Language Academy understand that fitness can be fun. Before and after class, the school offers a variety of physical activity programs and provides equipment so that students can play games together. Many students also participate in a walking club, where they can listen to music and socialize with peers while boosting their minutes of physical activity. The running club and soccer club are also popular afterschool options among students. Staff also take advantage of opportunities to get moving as well; the school hosts staff game days in the gym, where teachers gather to share their favorite activities with one another. To encourage healthy eating, the cafeteria staff provide taste tests of healthy school meals and ensure that all options comply with federal nutrition standards. All foods and beverages sold outside of the school meals program align with the USDA Smart Snacks in School standards, and the school shares lists of suggested healthy snacks with parents. “Students look forward to counting how many fruits and vegetables they are eating each day, and they track their physical activity outside of school. Parents are also getting involved in helping their students get the recommended amount of physical activity,” said Lillie Pearsall-Waller, health education teacher.