Omar Bradley Middle School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Omar Bradley Middle School - San Antonio, TX

At Omar Bradley Middle School, the entire community – staff, students, parents and administrators – contribute ideas to help build a healthier school environment. The school held discussions with students about their ideas for promoting wellness on campus. Students and parents were also given opportunities to provide input on their healthy food and snack preferences. As a result of this open dialogue, the school is pursuing new healthy changes that are sure to be welcomed by the entire school community. Eating healthier is just one side of the coin. Athletic facilities are now accessible to students and their families on evenings and during weekends to get everyone moving more often. The school established a walking club, which brings students, teachers and parents together every morning for some physical activity. Staff members are increasing their physical activity by participating in community 5Ks, an after-school running club, and a faculty fitness competition. Collectively, these initiatives have had a positive impact on the entire Omar Bradley community. “If students feel good about themselves, they are more likely to attend school on a regular basis and perform better in the classroom,” said Principal Todd Bloomer. He added, “The Healthy Schools Program resources gave us the opportunity to advance our cause.”