Shiloh Point Elementary School Earns Bronze by Creating a Healthier Environment

Shiloh Point Elementary School, Cumming, GA

The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program helps schools improve access to healthier foods; increase physical activity opportunities before, during and after the school day; enhance nutrition education; and establish staff wellness programs to build a healthier school environment. The Healthy Schools Program recognizes schools that succeed in addressing these areas at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level. Shiloh Point Elementary School in Cumming, GA received the National Healthy Schools Bronze Award in 2014.

Shiloh Point Elementary School is off to a running start! Students at Shiloh can run with their peers before school, on the weekend, and during a school-wide 5K event. “We had over 500 students and staff join the 100 Mile Club. 180 members achieved the goal of running/walking 100 or more miles. Most of the club members achieved 25 miles or more,” said physical education teacher Cate Hernandez. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has been an integral partner for Shiloh Point. Hernandez said, “It really helped us work together on the wellness committee to make sure we are providing healthy foods in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. The toolkits also helped us to adequately check our health and physical education minutes for all grade levels.”