Windsor Park Elementary School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Windsor Park Elementary School - Corpus Christi, TX

Health and wellness have become top priorities at Windsor Park Elementary School, where the day begins with morning announcements that promote healthy meals. Students used health surveys to share their ideas for tasty and nutritious meals with the school, and the cafeteria revamped the menu to include more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The school is decorated with student artwork depicting colorful healthy food choices. These nutritious changes have been paired with an effort to boost physical activity among students and staff as well. Teachers use GoNoodle’s online videos to incorporate movement breaks into their lesson plans and students also enjoy daily recess. To help staff get moving, the school offers discounts at local fitness centers and provides newsletters with health and wellness information. “The changes make for a very positive environment year-round. The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program helped us to stay on track and strive to do better,” said Julio Montes, wellness coordinator.