Winfield Scott Elementary School 2 Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Winfield Scott Elementary School - Elizabeth, NJ

Students at Winfield Scott Elementary School are excited about all the recent healthy changes at their school. The school’s wellness committee promoted physical activity and nutrition by establishing several fun and engaging new programs. For example, the school added short physical activity breaks in the classroom and a new recess intramural sports program to ensure kids are moving throughout the day. Staff members also enjoy physical activity at school during a lunch hour walking club, a staff basketball tournament and a volleyball night. To ensure students receive proper nutrition to fuel their active days, the school eliminated all food and beverages that aren’t prepared at school. Nutrition Services staff received training on USDA nutrition requirements for school meals and snacks to ensure the foods they serve are compliant. Students are exposed to a variety of fresh produce through a fresh fruit and vegetable initiative, increasing availability of healthier options for students that qualify for free breakfast and lunch programs. Students at Winfield Scott Elementary are so enthusiastic about the healthy habits taught at school that they are excited to share the lessons at home. “Now I know what fruits and vegetables I can serve my kids at home that they’ll actually eat,” said Mrs. Martinez, a parent.