American Rescue Plan Act Implementation

Equipping health champions to strengthen staff and student well-being during school re-opening

Afterschool or expanded learning programs are at the forefront of supporting students and families during the pandemic.  As schools and out of school times programs across the country gear up for in-person learning again, they seek to expand program offerings and support the social emotional well-being of students and staff alike after a stressful, even traumatic year.

To help meet this challenge, the federal government passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus package called the American Rescue Plan, which makes available $168 billion for K-12 schools and higher education. Learn more about the American Rescue Plan.   

Healthier Generation is here to help. We’ll work with you and your team to: 

  • re-engage youth into a safe and welcoming environment  

  • skillfully address the trauma, stress or anxiety among youth and adults 

  • re-integrate into a new learning routine. 


Ready to Collaborate?

Take the guesswork out of supporting the physical, social, and emotional health of your school community

What We Offer

Training and Professional Development

Would you and your team benefit from personalized coaching & training from whole child health content experts who have years of on-the-ground experience building healthier, more supportive environments for students? We’re here for you!

We provide:

  • Program consultation and leadership coaching - a one-to-one or small group intensive learning session with a National Content Advisor to explore and problem solve your school and community’s assets, opportunities, challenges, and possible solutions.
  • Content bundles - designed to increase your team’s skill and capacity on the topic with content mindfully curated by our National Content Advisors. Each content bundle contains multi-media resources such as on-demand trainings, tip sheets, and articles. Topics include:
    • Staff well-being
    • Trauma informed care
    • Building relationships
    • Physical education and physical activity
    • Nutrition services and Smart Snacks
    • Family engagement
    • Strengthening wellness councils
    • Collaborating across sectors; building health in community
  • Live virtual trainings - highly interactive and unique opportunities to engage with peers and a National Content Advisor on the topic(s) of your choice in the time and frequency that works for you. We customize a learning experience that fits your calendar and workload, from 30-minute segments to a full-day staff retreat. Follow up with us for a complete listing of potential topics.
  • Customizable tools -including train the trainer materials or a personalized online assessment that focuses on the practices and measurements that best apply to your programs or schools.

Data & Reporting


Healthier Generation’s robust data systems provide unique, detailed reports about district, school, organization, or program level progress towards creating healthy learning environments.

Communications & Networking

Tailored communications

with resources and information to meet your needs

Turnkey training

communication and promotional materials to deliver to schools

Personalized, real-time support

through our Member Engagement & Support Team

Online Action Center

Enroll in Healthier Generation’s free online Action Center, available 24/7, to access a digital hub of resources, trainings and tools dedicated to creating healthier environments for students and staff. Within the Action Center educators will find:

  • Virtual tools and resources for building school and out-of-school wellness teams
  • Online program assessments and action plans to track progress
  • Tools and templates to comply with federal school health regulations
  • Virtual training center featuring live and on-demand trainings to bolster school wellness
  • Expert guidance from national school health experts
  • Direct assistance available from Healthier Generation’s support team
  • Assessment data reports that track progress toward health and wellness goals
  • Relevant e-communications to build knowledge and encourage progress

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