Virtual Me Moments Hub

Me Moments are practices students (and adults!) can use to address their needs at any moment in school and at home. These practices build self-regulation* – an important social-emotional skill to identify and manage emotions, that helps prepare you to learn and engage with others.  

For more on using Me Moments in your classroom, use our Taking a Me Moment resource.

*Important Note: If self-regulation practices are centered in white, cisgender, and patriarchal values, they become a tool for policing Black, Brown, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ students. In order to support students, educators first need to examine and disrupt biases, assumptions, and practices.

With this mindset, choose a strategy from each of the following areas to try with your young people!


Notice / Date de Cuenta

The Three Bs Video

The trick to managing your stress is to be aware of responses in your beliefs, body, and behavior.

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Move / Muevete

Active At-Home Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun activities that can support curiosity, learning, and physical activity. Whether indoors or outside, there are plenty of things around us to explore.

Búsqueda activa de tesoros en casa

Las búsquedas de tesoros pueden apoyar la curiosidad, el aprendizaje y la actividad física. Ya sea que estén en el interior o afuera de la casa, hay muchas cosas a nuestro alrededor para explorar.

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Breathe / Respira

Balloon Breath

This self-regulating practice helps students address their needs at school, home, or the doctor’s office.

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Create / Crear

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Student Vision Board

Encourage students to creatively fill out and share their vision boards at home and school to help the adults in their lives learn more about them.

Snooze To-Do's

Checklist for young kids and teens to prepare for a great night's sleep.

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