Equity in Whole Child Health

We define health equity in whole child health as youth having the supports in place to thrive regardless of where they live, learn, and play. Whether it is through partnerships, targeted hands-on community support, or our digital tools and resources, we aim to bolster the health outcomes of youth and their families.

We believe that a dedicated, intensified movement that centers equity in health practices and policies is required in order to achieve dramatic improvements in the health and life outcomes of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, as well as communities experiencing deep poverty.  

At the heart of our efforts, we commit to:

  • Recognizing, comprehending, and naming the root causes of health inequities
  • Centering those affected by historic disinvestment in decision-making and program approach
  • Using our position and voice to connect individuals and organizations to resources that meaningfully improve whole child health
  • Demonstrating a true commitment to advancing equity by contributing to positive impacts on the following population measures: 
    • Decreasing the percentage of young people living in food-insecure households  
    • Increasing the percentage of young people meeting physical activity guidelines 
    • Decreasing the percentage of young people experiencing persistent sadness or hopelessness
    • Increasing the percentage of 8th grade students reading at or above proficient achievement level
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Collaborating for Whole Child Health and Equity

We welcome the opportunity to form partnerships in alignment with our organizational commitment to health equity. Please contact us to discuss how we can strengthen this movement, together.