June 16, 2016

A Summer Reading List for School Leaders

Summertime is a great time to take stock of all that you’ve accomplished during the previous school year while you also begin to plan for the school year that lies ahead.

To help you take your school wellness efforts to the next level during the 2016–2017 school year, we compiled a list of some of our most popular resources to add to your summer reading list. This “homework assignment” is a fun one, and one that can have many benefits for your school community during the next school year and beyond.


3 Helpful Resources for your Summer Reading List


Model Wellness Policy Template

New federal requirements around wellness policies are coming soon. Use our resource to guide your revisions, making compliance easier than ever.


Physical Activity Break Ideas

Research shows that active students learn better. What better way to start next school year than by helping your students perform at their best? Get them moving with these quick and fun physical activity breaks you can do right in the classroom.


Healthy Fundraising Tips

School-based fundraisers can be successful and engage youth, the community, and school staff in meaningful ways without undermining healthy eating messages. Read our top tips and ideas for healthy fundraisers as you start to plan for next school year.

So before you sign off for the summer, take time to congratulate yourself and the staff members who have contributed to your school’s progress, and use the next few restful weeks to gear up for a new year of working towards your school wellness goals with the Healthy Schools Program.


The Alliance’s resourcestrainings and school health experts are here to make your journey easier. Let us know how we can help!