School Health Experts

Our national advisors are experts in their respective fields of school wellness. They make sure our Healthy Schools Program is up to date with the most current best practices and provide the latest resources to support school leaders in their efforts to make sustainable change on their campuses.

Our national advisors not only create and maintain the tools available in our program, but are themselves resources for you to call upon to get personal direction when getting started or trying to overcome a unique challenge on the way to school health.

How can our experts help you create a healthier environment?

Click on one of our advisors below to get to know them and learn how they can help.

Lisa Perry
National Physical Education and Health Education Advisor
Eric Larson
National Physical Education and Physical Activity Advisor
Sean Brock
National Physical Activity/Physical Education Advisor, LMAS
Carol Chong
National Nutrition Advisor
Stephanie Joyce
National Nutrition Advisor
Jill Turley
National Nutrition Advisor
Michelle Owens
National Wellness Policies, Staff Wellness and Out-of-School Time Physical Activity Advisor