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May 17, 2013

CAFE FUEL™ Yields Better than Expected “Better for You” Results

(NEW YORK, N.Y.) May 17, 2013 — CAFE FUEL, leading rewards program for the K-12 market, announced today that schools around the country are redeeming 60 percent of all rewards points from the purchase of healthier food and beverage items, far exceeding initial projections of 15 percent.

Launched during the 2011-2012 school year, CAFE FUEL was developed as the “Better for You” rewards program within Cool School Cafe®. The goal for the first program year was to secure 15 percent of overall product submissions from the “Better for You” category in order to grow this platform in the area of health and wellness. The actual product representation of the healthier products surpassed the first year’s goal by 45 percent.

In 2011, CAFE FUEL teamed up with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to encourage schools to serve more nutritious meals and snacks. The “Better for You” rewards program from Cool School Cafe, rewarded school district food service leaders who purchase qualifying “Better for You” products. These products must meet the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s nutritional guidelines for school meals, snack foods, and beverages.

These results show that schools around the country are increasing their purchases of healthier food and beverage items for their students. The launch of CAFE FUEL, coupled with the new United States Department of Agriculture school meal regulations, provides a meaningful rewards program at a time when the focus on nutrition is increasing.

"We're thrilled to see schools benefiting from the CAFE FUEL rewards program by purchasing healthier food products for students," said Matt Maier, Founder, Cool School Café and CAFÉ FUEL. "Food service directors can earn Cool School Points to purchase relevant food service supplies, small pieces of equipment, and promotional materials simply by serving "Better for You" qualifying products."

“Food service directors around the country want to serve healthy food without over-burdening limited resources like time and money,” said Carol Chong, MA, RD, National Nutrition Advisor, Alliance for a Healthier Generation. “The Alliance supports and applauds collaborators like Café Fuel that give extra support to those schools working hard to prioritize nutrition.”

The CAFE FUEL program provides a one-stop resource for districts to access qualifying product information on a diverse group of industry-leading Member Manufacturer’s qualifying products. The program regularly provides districts with qualifying product information, serving suggestions, recipes, and samples. CAFE FUEL is a free nation-wide program available to all K-12 school foodservice districts purchasing Member Manufacturers’ qualifying products. Current Member Manufacturers include Jennie-O Turkey Store, Barilla, Simplot®, J & J Snack Foods, UNCLE BEN’S®, Nestle Waters®, Blue Bunny®, Pinnacle Food Group, Red Gold®, Motts®, Mrs. T’s®, Pacific Northwest Canned Pears, USA Pears®, Sunny Delight Beverage Company, and Deli International with more to be announced soon. Learn more about the program, qualifying products and rewards at CAFE FUEL.com.

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About the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation, works to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits. The Alliance works with schools, companies, community organizations, healthcare professionals and families to transform the conditions and systems that lead to healthier children. To learn more and join the movement, visit www.HealthierGeneration.org.

About Cool School Cafe® and CAFE FUEL™

Participating school districts are rewarded for participating in the FREE Cool School Cafe® (CSC) and CAFE FUEL (CF) reward programs. They have access to the CSC and CF qualifying product information, valuable rewards to support their school, students and foodservice operation, and ongoing communications throughout the year that provide program updates and valuable industry information.

For more information on Cool School Cafe or CAFE FUEL, email Support@CoolSchoolCafe.com or call (800) 468-3287