October 11, 2022

Turn October into WALKtober with Four Fun Activities

Did you know that October is WALKtober? This is a great time to take advantage of cooler weather and enjoy a walk or another physical activity outdoors. As we move, our moods can improve, and our health can improve too. Whether you’re a school teacher or a homeschooler looking to energize your learning, or you want to encourage your family to move more, we’ve got some great ideas from Healthier Generation and The Walking Classroom!

Check out these four activities for celebrating WALKtober

1. Walk, Listen, and Learn Outside

Walking lessons get hearts pumping oxygenated blood to our brains and bodies, so we feel energized and in a good mood while we learn. First, find an area where you can walk outside safely as a group, like a track or wide sidewalks. If you need to be indoors, choose an area where you will have plenty of space to move around, like a gym or long hallway. Next, pick a podcast and start learning! The Walking Classroom program provides 167 fun, educational podcasts on topics that fit easily into your curriculum. If you’re already a Walking Classroom Adopter, then you know what to do! If not, try The Walking Classroom:

2. Take a Step Challenge

Kids love a challenge. As a group, set a step goal that seems reasonable and challenging. We recommend setting a goal close to 1,000,000 cumulative steps for the month of WALKtober. Keep track of your progress with a walking log. For students who are participating with another physical activity (not steps), identify a way for them to keep track of their movements. Add each student’s daily steps and movements throughout the month. A goal like 1,000,000 steps might feel like a lot to accomplish, but when everyone is walking, it adds up quickly! P.S. It’s never too late to start a month-long step challenge, even beyond WALKtober.

3. Encourage Active Students, Active Minds

Want to mix up your movements? We’ve planned out four weeks of easy-to-use physical activity breaks you can use at school or at home. Our “Active Students, Active Minds” resources keep your students’ brains and bodies active in the classroom or outside any time of year. Try a different physical activity break for each week of WALKtober!

4. Stay Physically Active Beyond WALKtober

Keep your bodies moving and your minds learning by forming healthy habits with your students or family. Taking short movement breaks throughout the day can help you stay active with a busy schedule or limited space. Get started implementing physical activity with fitness break cards and short, watch-anywhere videos from Healthier Generation.

“Since implementing The Walking Classroom, my students come into school each morning asking if today is a walking day.” - Melissa Mushynski, teacher, IL

Want more ideas and resources to make the most out of WALKtober? Check out The Walking Classroom and the Healthier Generation Action Center.