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Welcoming families back to school Welcoming families back to school

Welcoming Families Back to School

Each school year brings opportunities to strengthen collaboration and meet the needs of students, parents, and caregivers as young people learn and develop. Welcome your community back to school with evidence-based family engagement practices and resources!

Resources and Trainings

Adapt best practices to the unique assets and needs of your community with turnkey planning tools and ten-minute interactive trainings.

Featured Partner Resources

Support whole-child health and community connections with tools from leading youth-serving organizations.

Family Networking Opportunities for Culturally Responsive Engagement

Families that engage with each other and the school community are more confident understanding and advocating for their children.

Interactive Microlearnings for Families

Share these short, interactive courses with families to support whole-family health at home. Each online microlearning takes less than 15 minutes to complete and includes activities developed by families and youth.

Ways to Keep Active Together

With this interactive learning activity, try these quick and simple ways to increase physical activity for the whole family through play. Created with the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, GoNoodle®, and Griffin Middle School.
Use this communication guide to promote family microlearnings in emails, text messages, and social media.

Assess and Celebrate Your Success

Providing networking opportunities for families, parents, and caregivers is an evidence-informed family and community engagement practice in the Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment.

These practices are part of the award criteria for Increasing Family & Community Engagement in the America's Healthiest Schools Award application. Learn more!

Access more free resources, tools, and trainings in the Healthier Generation Action Center and KohlsHealthyAtHome.org.

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