E-Commerce Solutions

Online purchasing and delivery services are a convenient, cost-effective way for youth-serving organizations to procure food, beverages, and supplies that support healthy environments.  

Healthier Generation is committed to supporting these organizations in leveraging e-commerce tools to improve access to these products while conserving time and staff capacity.  

"I can order my groceries online from any location, any time of the day, if I need to. It saves me about three hours of my day." – A.P., Executive Director, Early Childcare Center 

Is your organization ready to try e-commerce?

Here’s how to get started:  

1. Identify your procurement needs

Make a list of the items you need, how much you need, and when. If your program is required to follow federal nutrition guidelines like Smart Snacks in School or the Child and Adult Care Food Program, make sure that the products you’ve listed are compliant.  

2. Determine your site’s readiness  

Check to make sure that your organization’s procurement policy allows for online purchasing, and that there’s enough space to store items when they arrive.  

3. Consider which e-commerce retailer and model best fits your program  

E-commerce retailers offer a variety of options for ordering and delivery.  

4. Set your procurement plan and assign roles  

Once you’ve chosen a retailer and decided how you’ll order and receive the items, pick which staff member(s) will place orders, arrange pick-up and/or supervise deliveries. 

5. Start online purchasing! 

After your first order, discuss any problems that came up and adjust the process as needed.  


"If a teacher needs a book for their classroom, I can get it to them in two days. If a student with specialized needs requires unique tools, I can receive them in the same week." – L.B., Executive Director, Early Childcare Center

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Healthier Generation is no longer reviewing products listed in the “Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business” for compliance with national standards and guidelines.

For assistance with selecting products, you may consider using these product calculators.