Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business

Healthier Generation works with companies to create, market, and provide access for schools and out-of-school- time organizations to healthier products that meet national nutrition standards like USDA’s Smart Snacks in School and the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Feeding Program) Meal Pattern guidelines.  

In 2016, one of our key innovative collaboration strategies brought together Healthier Generation’s expertise in children’s health and deep history and relationships with youth-serving organizations, with the newly launched Amazon Business’ e-commerce platform and distribution channels.

The Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business is an online store dedicated to providing our stakeholders in schools and out-of-school time programs with access to products vetted by Registered Dieticians to meet the standards of the USDA child nutrition programs Smart Snacks in School and CACFP, as well as the Food Service Guidelines for Federal Facilities. The store allows users to easily identify and purchase healthier, compliant products for a variety of purposes, including snack and meal service, vending machines, organization stores, celebrations, and events.

This solution is particularly powerful in rural areas, where access and availability can be severely limited by lack of service by typical distribution channels (i.e. known as the “last-mile gap”).

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