The 6 Step Process

The 6-Step Process is the ongoing journey schools take as part of the Healthy Schools Program. This process requires program members to continuously evaluate and improve upon their school's health and wellness initiatives and learn from successes and challenges to create sustainable change. When repeated each year, the 6-Step Process helps solidify healthy policies and practices and strengthen the culture of health within the school community.


Step 1: Build Support 

Build support by convening a school wellness committee to plan and lead the implementation of the Healthy Schools Program in your school. 

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Step 2: Assess Your School

Assess your school by completing your online assessment to identify areas for improvement

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Step 3: Develop Your Action Plan

Develop an Action Plan based on what is important and achievable in your school community.

Take charge of your Action Plan with tips from a physical education teacher in Nebraska 


Step 4: Explore Resources

Explore and identify resources that can make it easier to implement your Action Plan.

Tackle the Resource Library with inspiration from a physical education teacher in Maryland


Step 5: Take Action

Take action! Implement your Action Plan for a healthier school environment.  

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Step 6: Celebrate Success

Celebrate success! Acknowledge small victories and big successes along the way by organizing celebratory events locally or at the district level.

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