Healthier Generation Award

Be honored for your effort in creating an environment that addresses the essential health needs of students, staff, and families by earning a Healthier Generation Award. All award winners will be recognized as  America's Healthiest Schools.

What is the Healthier Generation Award?

The Healthier Generation Award is a prestigious, annual distinction presented to schools that have demonstrated remarkable efforts to prioritize the essential health needs of students, staff, and families.

Schools that receive a Healthier Generation Award meet or exceed standards established in the Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment. The assessment is an evidence-based tool that helps schools identify their unique strengths and opportunities for improving policies and practices that promote student achievement and the well-being of students and school staff.  

When does the application open? 

The 2022 Healthier Generation Award application will open in February. Stay tuned for more information!  

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Inside one of America's Healthiest Schools:

Who can apply for a Healthier Generation Award?  

To be eligible to apply for an award, schools must be "Fully in Place" on all criteria outlined in a single topic area in the Healthier Generation Award Eligibility Checklist. Schools can apply for a distinction in one or more of the following topic areas: Family and Community Engagement, Nutrition and Food Access, Local School Wellness Policy, Health Education, Physical Education and Activity, Social-Emotional Health, Staff Well-Being, Tobacco-Free Schools, and School Health Services. Any school, regardless of previous awards achieved, can apply in the 2021-2022 award cycle. 

U.S.- based Elementary, Middle, and High Schools are eligible to apply for the Healthier Generation Award. All practices and policies cited in a school’s award application must be fully in place across the entire school campus 30 days before the application submission deadline. This includes Local School Wellness policies that must be approved by the school board 30 days before the application submission deadline. 

How to Apply for a Healthier Generation Award?  

Start preparing for your school’s application in Healthier Generation’s Action Center by completing these steps:

Step 1: Connect with Your Team in the Action Center  
Find your school and invite others to join your team to determine your award eligibility. 
Step 2: Complete Your Award Eligibility Checklist  
Check off the programs and policies your school has in place to support equitable, whole child health.  
Step 3: Review the Healthier Generation Award Guide 
Start gathering supporting materials in advance by collaborating with your team members. When the application opens, you will be ready to apply!   
Step 4: Submit Your Application  
We’ll notify you when the official Healthier Generation Award application opens in February. 

Take a short virtual tour of the Award Eligibility Checklist below!

Why apply for a Healthier Generation Award? 

Earning a Healthier Generation Award indicates that your school is a leader in school health and wellness. Previous award winners have received a multitude of benefits, including:  

  • A digital promotion package including web graphics, social media messages, newsletter, and email templates that help you share your accomplishment with your school, district, and larger community.  

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Our Member Support Team is here to help!