Food & Beverage Marketing

The Local School Wellness Policy Final Rule requires any food or beverage marketed on school campuses during the school day to meet the Smart Snacks standards.

Take a look around your school campus - do you have marketing materials on your campus that include foods and beverages? Use the Smart Snacks Product Calculator to determine if these foods and beverages meet the Smart Snacks standards. 

Remember this: if you can’t sell it, you can’t market it!


3-Step Process

Use Healthier Generation’s 3-step process to guide your marketing assessment and planning:


Step 1: Identify

Locate where food and beverage marketing exists on your campus


Step 2: Classify

Take an in-depth look at your marketing materials to determine whether or not the products marketed meet the Smart Snacks standards


Step 3: Replace

Develop a plan for replacing non-compliant marketing materials 

When developing a replacement plan to address non-compliant materials, look for opportunities to incorporate materials that promote good health, such as these FREE posters from Team Nutrition.

Want to assess your school on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop instead? Use our assessment tool