Active Kids Learn Better

“If I don't have recess, then I'm super jumpy in class ‒ I can't pay attention.”

- Drew, Elementary Student, GA

Why Move?


Research shows that in addition to improved health, physical activity actually supports better learning in school. When kids are physically active, they perform better academically, have better attendance and their behavior improves.


What Works

  We work with tens of thousands of school and community organizations to develop strategies that increase physical activity before, during and after school. Of the schools that are actively engaged in the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program, more than 85 percent of the elementary schools offered at least 20 minutes of recess per day. More than 75 percent dedicated at least 20 percent of their afterschool program time to physical activity.  

Success Stories

Shayna's Story

Shayna is a high school student and Alliance Youth Ambassador. To make health fun, she started Outdoor Recess Club to give her classmates a reason to get moving outside. After school students now play Frisbee, tennis, or capture the flag while getting healthier and improving their chances of success in the classroom.

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Lynn's Story

Champions like Lynn Barnes-Wallace, who provides resources and training for school-based physical education programs in California’s San Diego Unified School District, go above and beyond to help kids receive high-quality physical education at schools that resources, time and equipment.

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Together, We Can Get Kids Moving

Take 3 minutes to see how active environments make better learners.


As a managing partner of Let’s Move! Active Schools, we’re proud to be helping make 60 minutes of physical activity the norm, but we need everyone to commit to moving more. Inspiring individuals like Lynn and Shayna, and national initiatives like Let’s Move! Active Schools have been making positive strides to get kids moving more.




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Everyone Can Play a Role in Getting Kids Moving More

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