February 3, 2020

Eating Healthy with Bonnie Bernstein: Fueling Up On the Road!

As someone who lives half her life out of a suitcase, I’m all too familiar with the challenges of eating healthy on the road, especially around the holidays when routines may fall by the wayside. The good news is, it can be a cinch if you plan ahead and stay focused. 

Here are some tips to snack on:

Food that Help Us Travel Well

Airport terminals and roadside pit stops abound with food choices that vary in nutritional value. Here are some options that will help tame your tummy in between long hours of travel:

  • Try a healthy bar loaded with nuts (Brands with dark chocolate options are my favorite!)
  • If you’re craving meat, try something in the grilled chicken family
  • Light or unbuttered popcorn anyone?
  • Greek yogurt contains a high concentration of protein and calcium that will be sure to fill you up. Top it off with almonds or walnuts and some berries!
BYO, Snacks Edition

Oftentimes, we’re tempted to choose unhealthy options while traveling because we’re famished and just want to fill our stomachs. But, if you plan ahead, hunger pangs won’t ever drive your eating decisions! I’ve acquired the nickname Squirrel over the years because I always have healthy snacks stashed away in my purse or backpack. On the non-perishable front, whole grain and nut bars provide a quick fix; I’m also a big fan of little bags of raw almonds, seeds, and shredded coconut with a smattering of chocolate chips for sweetness, baby carrots with mini-hummus packs, and granny smith apples. If I know I’ll be on-location all day in meetings or on a shoot, I’ll sometimes bring a small, insulated bag that fits in my bag for low-fat string cheese, hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, and grilled chicken strips. If you’re traveling, your hotel fridge may have a little freezer compartment to help you refresh a small ice pack each night and keep everything chilled during the day. Also: pack a reusable water bottle! When you’re running around, it’s so easy to lose sight of the importance of hydration. Plus, you’ll save money skipping plastic water bottles.

Don’t forget to add these eight tips to stay hydrated to your travel list!

Fruits & Veggies for the ‘Win’

If you’re looking for some on-the-run mind and body fuel for you or the kiddos en route to games, practices, or sporting events, smoothies are a great way to jam a whole bunch of nutrients into a tidy traveling cup. I typically use almond milk as my liquid base, then, depending on my mood, will throw in half an avocado or banana for a smooth consistency. Finally, I load up on berries and add a handful of greens like spinach or kale (You can’t taste it. I promise!). Sometimes, I add a scoop of protein powder to help me stay full longer and add a chocolate or vanilla punch (Greek yogurt’s another option here). Some of the other items that often make the cut: a spoonful of almond butter and flax/chia seeds! 
Packing snacks for a crowd? Try this tasty Baller Bean Salsa recipe. Save some money and skip the long concession line by making your own pita or kale chips, too.

Go for the gold and check out even more simple tips to eat more fruits and vegetables!

You don’t need to make these swaps every time, but strike a balance and you’ll be surprised with the impact on your energy levels!

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Bonnie Bernstein

Sports Journalist, Founder-Walk Swiftly Productions, Public Health Advocate