May 23, 2024

School Safety Series: Strategies to Enhance Safe Learning Environments through Engagement and Connection

Learn strategies to cultivate safe learning environments in this three-part professional learning series presented by Healthier Generation and Kaiser Permanente.


Teacher assists student in classroom.

Students learn and feel their best when they feel safe and supported at school. Healthier Generation and Kaiser Permanente have teamed up to present a three-part professional learning series that helps school administrators and staff cultivate safe learning environments. 

In these on-demand sessions, available for free in the Healthier Generation Action Center, you’ll: 

  • Hear from experts on the latest research around school safety.
  • Learn how to engage youth voice for safer schools.
  • See the importance of crafting a vision that aligns with school safety goals.

“A coherent vision for school safety articulated by the administration shapes policies and practices as well as messaging about prevention, discipline, and student support for decreasing school violence." – Craig Wethington, National Advisor, Whole Child Health at Healthier Generation

Part 1: An Evidence-Based Roadmap for School Safety

Discover evidence-based solutions that go beyond providing visible representations of safety to foster a genuinely secure school environment. Experts share current research on youth violence prevention and methods to enhance school safety in this panel discussion moderated by Kaiser Permanente.

WATCH: An Evidence-Based Roadmap for School Safety 

Part 2: The Role of School Administrators in Enhancing School Safety Efforts

Learn proactive measures school administrators can implement to promote school safety. Explore the importance of developing a coherent school vision and strategies to engage staff and students in creating and sustaining safe and supportive schools.

WATCH: The Role of School Administrators in Enhancing School Safety Efforts 

Part 3: School Connectedness: Schoolwide Approaches to Creating Safe Schools 

See how fostering school connectedness leads to a variety of positive outcomes for youth, including reduced exposure to violence. Hear student perspectives on improving mental health and learn how elevating youth voice can help address safety issues facing schools.

WATCH: School Connectedness: Schoolwide Approaches to Creating Safe Schools 

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