Bianca De León

Mother & Advocate for Children’s Health

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Making Small Changes for Big Impact

Bianca De León would tell you that her one of her strengths is ensuring kids are connected to positive experiences and trusted adults. As a former Program Officer at the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, she led an afterschool initiative in West Texas and Southern New Mexico, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Bianca traces her roots in community-building to childhood gatherings at her grandmother’s house after Catholic Mass on Sundays. The daughter of a single mother, Bianca had access to a vast network of family role models including cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents.   

Growing up in a binational (U.S.-Mexico) community speaking both English and Spanish, Bianca learned to appreciate every community and culture she encountered in her domestic and international travels. The connections she’s made have shaped her worldview, with youth development at the center. “I believe every kid deserves the opportunity to be connected to a positive experience,” says Bianca.

Bianca with her family  

Bianca has become a mother herself in the last few years. Her professional community-building skills are now also put to good use forging strong, loving connections with her own children through shared activities like reading, baking, and getting outside. As her children grow older, Bianca looks forward to family conversations that emphasize equity and justice. She believes that we can all use connections like these to ensure kids grow up in a world where everyone feels welcome. “We know that when kids are connected to these experiences, they have better health outcomes,” says Bianca. 

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