Elsa Collins

Founder, The Ideateur; Board Member, Alliance for a Healthier Generation; Co-founder, Poderistas & This Is About Humanity

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Living Your Best Life - Mind, Body & Spirit

Elsa Collins, founder of The Ideateur, a sports, culture, and entertainment consulting group, tackles a variety of health and social issues affecting her community, from racial justice to gender equality. Elsa brings this professional expertise to her roles on Healthier Generation’s Board of Directors, helping build the foundation for a healthier future for children and families, as co-founder of Poderistas, a first-of-its-kind digital lifestyle hub made for and by Latinas like herself, and This Is About Humanity, a community dedicated to raising awareness about separated and reunified families on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.    

“I love the United States and the promise it holds for my multiracial children—Black, Latinx and Native American,” says Elsa. She believes that an equitable future for all children is one in which families have the freedom to choose their healthiest and safest life through full access to information and an equitable education. 

Elsa with husband Jarron and children Alessandra, Valentina, and Massimo 

Elsa’s mother, who emigrated from Mexico, taught her that a well-rounded education encompasses lessons from the environment, the experiences of others, and most importantly, whole health and wellness. “A healthy and nourished body helps develop a healthy mind and I was always committed to both,” says Elsa about a deeply ingrained value she's held from a very young age. She adds, “When you feed the physical and spiritual body, we can then truly see children thrive as they should.” 

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