Finding Balance at School and at Home

A Social-Emotional Health Slow Twitter Chat

Another school year is in full swing! Balancing busy schedules, varied learning environments, and ongoing COVID-19 safety protocols can feel overwhelming and stressful for students, educators, and caregivers alike. Prioritizing social-emotional well-being has never been more important.

Join Healthier Generation, Harmony SEL, and Thriving Schools for a special day-long “slow chat” on Twitter to discuss ways we can help students, educators, and families find balance and bolster social-emotional health during a busy school year.  

"What's a slow chat,”  you ask?

A slow chat is a regular Twitter chat, just... slower! We'll post one question each hour throughout the day. The chat will begin at 9:00 am ET and end at 5:00 PM ET. 

A slow format creates an opportunity to engage a wider variety of participants, allow space for more thoughtful, nuanced conversation, and reduce stress for everyone involved – all in alignment with our social-emotional health values of intentionality and mindfulness.

We encourage you to use this additional time and space to listen freely, ask questions, and fully consider others’ ideas and perspectives. 

The chat lasts all day, but there's no need to be glued to your screen; please check-in/out of the chat as desired and answer as many or as few questions as you’d like. 

The following questions will guide our conversation:


Question 1 will be posted at approximately 9:05 am ET 

Q1: We are now in our third pandemic-impacted school year and many of us are feeling high levels of exhaustion and stress. What are your best tips and tricks for taking a pause or incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine? #SEHealthSlowChat 

Question 2 will be posted at approximately 10:00 am ET 

Q2: Social-emotional health is just one part of #WholeChild health. How are physical, mental, and social-emotional health interrelated? #SEHealthSlowChat 

Questions 3 will be posted at approximately 11:00 am ET 

Q3: In many communities, educators and families are continuing to navigate a mix of in-person and virtual learning environments. How can we help students strengthen their existing social-emotional skills, regardless of learning environment?  #SEHealthSlowChat 

Question 4 will be posted at approximately 12:00 pm ET 

Q4: Research shows that increased engagement between schools and families can improve students' overall success. How can schools and families work together to support student's comprehensive needs at school and at home? #SEHealthSlowChat 

Question 5 will be posted at approximately 1:00 pm ET 

Q5: Strong relationships between students & trusted, caring adults such as teachers, coaches, and youth leaders can positively impact students’ social-emotional health and academic performance. What are some ways we can foster strong student-adult relationships? #SEHealthSlowChat 

Question 6 will be posted at approximately 2:00 pm ET 

Q6: How do racial, gender, and economic inequities impact students’ social-emotional well-being? What actions can we take to create equitable and inclusive learning communities?  #SEHealthSlowChat 

Question 7 will be posted at approximately 3:00 pm ET 

Q7: Small moments of joy and gratitude are important to notice and celebrate, especially in stressful times. What are some small joys and things you are grateful for this school year? #SEHealthSlowChat 

Question 8 will be posted at approximately 4:00 pm ET 

Q8: Final question: there’s a LOT going on in the world. Balancing school, work, and family life may feel even more stressful than usual this year. What are some ways we can support YOU right now? #SEHealthSlowChat