Increasing Student and Staff Resilience

The Resilience in School Environments (RISE) Initiative, presented by Healthier Generation and Kaiser Permanente, helps schools create safe and supportive learning environments by developing policies and practices that improve the social-emotional health of all students and staff. A safe and supportive school can increase students’ academic performance as well as job satisfaction in adults.

The RISE Index is a free assessment tool that school and district leadership teams can use to evaluate their current policies, practices, systems, and environments through the lens of student and staff resilience. This tool provides leadership teams with strategies they can implement and goals to work toward that boost social-emotional health for both students and staff.  

The RISE Index has two editions, one unique to schools and the other for district-level teams. Each edition was developed using research behind Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). After conducting an extensive literature review of the Social-Emotional Health field and pulling from existing tools being used in the field, the RISE Index was vetted by an advisory committee of health and education experts and piloted across 7 sites to determine relevancy and adaptability.  

Visit the Action Center to assess your school or district’s social-emotional health using the RISE Index today!  

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What is Resilience?

Schools function best when students and teachers are happy and healthy. Unfortunately, there are many factors…