How to Use the Tobacco-Free District Policy Builder

What is the Tobacco-Free District Policy Builder?

The Tobacco-Free District Policy Builder is a one-of-a-kind digital tool that supports school districts across the nation in developing a tobacco-free district policy in accordance with Healthier Generation's Tobacco-Free District Model Policy. There is also an option to include our standard Administrative Rules Language and/or Student Code of Conduct language.

Who can access the Tobacco-Free District Policy Builder?

The Tobacco-Free District Policy Builder can only be accessed by District Team Members registered in the Healthier Generation's Action Center.  If you are a school team member and would like to notify your district about this new tool, click here to send them an email.

How does the Tobacco-Free District Policy Builder work?

Any district team member can answer the questions and we'll save your progress. You can preview your document at any time to see your answers within the required policy language text.

Once all questions are answered, download your policy. You'll be able to edit your downloaded policy, then quickly and easily share the completed policy with your district team members for feedback and approval. 

Helpful Resources 

Tobacco-Free District Model Policy Guide

Follow along with the policy builder with comprehensive, policy language for board policies, administrative rules, and student code of conduct documents.

Building Effective Tobacco and Vaping Policies

Access this eLearning to create effective tobacco and vaping policies with your district and school leadership teams.

Resources for Tobacco-Free and Vaping-Free Schools

Find prevention, cessation, and family resources to support tobacco-free and vaping-free school environments.

Need Help?

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