From My Family to Yours

From My Family to Yours

A Collection of Multicultural, Intergenerational Recipes

collected and presented by
Alliance for a Healthier Generation
City of Los Angeles Department of Aging
Woodcraft Rangers

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“this compilation celebrates the diverse culinary landscape, bringing together a multitude of voices and flavors from various backgrounds”

“food shapes our cultural identity and connects us as humans”
Table of Contents

featured recipes

Camila Alves McConaughey
Chef Anita
Mario Reyes, W.C.M.C., C.E.C.
Michelle Grandy
Chef Seng Luangrath
Julee Brooks - CEO, Woodcraft Rangers
Kathy Higgins - CEO, Healthier Generation
Jaime H. Pacheco-Orozco - General Manager, City of Los Angeles Department of Aging

older adult submissions

Hortencia Anderson
Rosela Andrade
Donato Anievas
Preetishree Bose
Celia Cardenas
Maria Guerra
Joel Harrison
Sophia Hooks
Erendira Ly
Martha Marquez
Lillian Mizrahi
Rose Poirier
Bernardina Lopez
Maria Rios
Lugarda Rodriguez
Linda Smith
Maria Tiguila
Christina Moreno

high school student submissions

Matthew Espinoza
Linda Hernandez
Cristela Martinez
Maximus Mendez
Franklyn Rivera

middle school student submissions

Adan Hernandez
Sophia Martinez
Yaretzi Moreno
Luis Ramirez
Eddie Reyes
Olivia Varela
Allison Duarte